Dear FPC Congregation,

I hope your week has been a profitable one. I just want to remind you of some important things in the life of our church.

Reformed University Ministries

This Sunday will be a special Sunday as we will have a large number of Reformed University Ministry students stopping on their way back from a retreat to worship with us. They visited us last year but this year their numbers have grown. Please come at 8:30 to help set up chairs. Chairs will need to be carried from the “Common Room” at the music school into the place where we worship. Food has been organized for after church but there is still a need for drinks. If you can bring some drinks that would be appreciated. Help will be needed to take the chairs back to the “Common Room” as well as cleaning up. We will all need to make some accommodations in order to seat everyone. As for parking, please park in the lot on the east side of the “Common Room” off Fayette Street at the Music School. You can also park on South Street across from the Federal Courthouse on the east side. Let us try and keep the lot across from the place where we worship for our visitors as well as on Wall Street near the building.

Adult Sunday School

The adult Sunday School class will meet after we set up. . For those of you in the class we will discuss “Unit 3 – Reading and Reflection” on the “The Prodigal Sons.” Please spend some time getting ready for this so the discussion time will be profitable.

Committing to the Kingdom

The “Committing to the Kingdom” building fun drive has gotten off to a good start. $40,000 has been pledge over two years with 11 cards being turned in out of a potential of 28 families. We are asking for everyone to turn in a pledge card. Though not all may be able to give all can check the box committing to pray for this effort. No one but the church treasurer knows who has pledged what or how much people give. We know some of you missed the meeting and desire to hear the vision for building the building. This is a spiritual work and our trust is for the Lord to provide these funds for the need for a building of our own. Please keep this in prayer.

Visitor Sunday

The elders have designated October 19th as “Visitor Sunday.” If you know of anyone who does not go to church who you have been praying for or talking to about the Lord you may want to invite them to church on that day. (Of course, you don’t have to wait for a “Visitor Sunday” in order to invite someone to church.) Our purpose in doing this is to keep before us as a congregation that God has us here to reach out to others with the message of grace that He has entrusted to us. All of us have a part in the evangelism ministry of the church. Extending an invitation to another person is a wonderful way to see the Lord work. We will have “Visitor Sundays” at least quarterly.

Men’s Fellowship Dinner

The Men will be having their quarterly dinner this coming Tuesday night at Heritage Heights at 6:30 a.m. All men are invited to attend.

Hope Presbyterian Church Organization

When we were organized as a church we had a large number of people attend from area churches. Some people traveled a good ways in order to attend. Please make it a point to go to Exeter Presbyterian Church in Exeter this Sunday at 4:00 p.m. to rejoice in the organization of Hope Presbyterian Church which is in Portsmouth. (The Seventh Day Adventist Church building they use is being used that day so they have to have this service in Exeter.) It is an exciting time for that congregation as planting a church in Portsmouth has not been easy. Chris Robinson will be installed as Pastor and three elders will be ordained and installed.

Thank you for your faithfulness in supporting our church. We have a great God who has blessed us in so many ways. I know that you are thankful to the Lord for the people that He has surrounded you with. Let us continue to build up and encourage one another in our faith. I look forward to seeing you this Sunday. Please always keep me in your prayers.