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First Presbyterian Church of Concord is a denominational church in the Reformed tradition. We are part of the Presbytery of Northern New England, which is part of the Presbyterian Church in America. We are a spiritually vital church growing in the grace and love of our Lord Jesus. Please come and fellowship with us. Please also check out our ministries page.


The roots of First Presbyterian Church of Concord go back to 1982 when Grace Presbyterian Church in Laconia was planted in New Hampshire. Our Laconia area brothers and sisters in the Lord had the vision to not just plant one church but a church that was active in planting reformed churches in New England. Concord was always a logical choice but when some members began attending Grace from Concord the idea eventually became a reality. In November of 1995 Pastor Doug Domin was called by the members of Grace Presbyterian Church to start a church that would be Scriptural and true to the Reformed Faith. Pastor Domin arrived with his wife and three boys in March of 1996. The church first met informally for evening worship at Bow Community Baptist Church two Sundays a month in the summer of 1996. First Presbyterian Church of Concord (PCA) began meeting for morning worship in September of 1996 in cafeteria at Concord High School. The church met at the high school for a year and a half and then began meeting at the Concord Community Music School in May of 1997. The church has almost 3 acres of land on north side of South Main Street near I-93 where a church building will be constructed in God's providence.


First Presbyterian Church of Concord (PCA) is connected to the wider Church, which is the Presbyterian Church in America. The PCA is a national church, which began in 1973 and is committed to historic Presbyterianism, which expresses itself in being true to the scriptures, the reformed faith, and the great Commission of Jesus Christ. Within a few years the PCA grew to include more than 500 churches with nearly 80,000 members. In 1982 the Reformed Presbyterain Church, Evangelical Synod joined with us, bringing almost 25,000 new members into the PCA. As we approach our 32nd year, we have approximately 1288 churches, 265 mission churches, and 330,000 members (including ministers and covenant children). FPC of Concord is part of the regional Presbytery of the PCA, which is made up of Northern New England. We subscribe to the historic creeds of the church (for example, the Apostles and Nicene Creeds), and to the Westminster Confession of Faith and the Larger and Short Catechisms.


1. The Bible is the inspired and inerrant Word of God, the only infallible rule of faith and practice.

2. There is one God, eternal and self-existing in three persons (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) who are to be equally loved, honored and adored.

3. All mankind participated in Adam's fall from his original sinless state. Thus every man born into this world is lost in sin and totally helpless to save himself or by good use of grace assist in his salvation.

4. The Sovereign God, for no other reason than His own unfathomable love and mercy, has chosen lost sinners from every nation to be redeemed by the atoning death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the quickening power of the Holy Spirit.

5. Those whom the Spirit quickens, come to believe in Christ as their Savior, becoming sons of God. Those who savingly believe in Christ are enabled, by God's power, to persevere to the end.

6. Those whom the Spirit quickens and who have come to believe in Christ, God justifies, not because of infused righteousness which makes them personally righteous, but by imputing the obedience (righteousness) and judicial satisfaction earned by Christ. Faith that saves receives and rests upon Christ and his righteousness alone for salvation.

7. The goal of God's salvation in the life of the Christian is holiness, good works, and service for the glory of God.

8. At death the Christian's soul passes immediately into the presence of God and the unbeliever's soul is eternally separated from God unto condemnation.

9. Baptism is a sign of God's covenant and is properly administered to children of believers in their infancy as well as to those who come as adults to trust in Christ.

10. Jesus Christ will return to earth, visibly and bodily, at a time when He is not expected, to consummate history and the eternal plan of God.

11. The Church has been commissioned by Jesus Christ to preach the Gospel and make disciples of all nations until the return of Christ.


The elders of the church are entrusted with the spiritual oversight of the church family. Shepherding the congregation is the priority of the elders which includes visiting church members and inquiring as to their walk with the Lord and any areas of concern for prayer and encouragement. The session is also entrusted with the task of communicating the vision of the church, which includes planning, setting of goals, making disciples, overseeing the worship of the church, and being peacemakers. Individual elders must be nominated and elected by the congregation and ordained to the office by the Session. There are two types of elders - teaching elders (ministers of the Word), and ruling elders.

Teaching Elders: Pastor Doug Domin, Church Planter Jon Taylor
Ruling Elders: Mark Saltsman, Dan Troy
Director of Music: Gayle Troy
Administrative Assistant: Linda Domin


The elders of the all of the local churches, both teaching and ruling, make up the Northern New England Presbytery. The Presbytery approves all teaching and ruling elders prior to their serving in the local churches. This system of government, as defined in the Book of Church Order, provides accountability among the churches and their respective elders.


Likewise, tThe elders of the all of the presbyteries, both teaching and ruling, make up the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America. The General Assembly maintains the purity and sanctity of the denomination according to the Holy Bible. The denomination officers are elected from among the elders. The PCA as a denomination differs from some other Presbyterian denominations by not paying a salary to any of the elected officers, thus helping to maintain the purity of the General Assembly leadership.

OUR PASTOR, Doug Domin

Husband of Linda
Father of Daniel (23), Andrew (19), and Jonathan (16)


Bachelor of Social Science, Florida Atlantic University
Master of Divinity, Reformed Theological Seminary


First Presbyterian Church in Yazoo City, Mississippi, 1984

Ministerial Experience

  • First Presbyterian Church in Yazoo City, Mississippi, Intern and Assistant Pastor 1985-1986
  • Old Cutler Presbyterian Church, Miami, Florida, Assistant Pastor 1986-1988
  • New Covenant Presbyterian Church, Aiken, South Carolina, Associate Pastor 1988-1996
  • Grace Presbyterian Church, Laconia, New Hampshire, Associate Pastor and Church Planter of First Presbyterian Mission Church of Concord (PCA), 1996-2001
  • First Presbyterian Church of Concord (PCA), Concord, New Hampshire, Pastor, 2001-present


The deacons in the church express the mercy and compassion of Christ. They care for the material and spiritual needs of the congregation. In addition, the Diaconate finds effective ways to minister to the social and material needs of the local community. Deacons are elected by the congregation and ordained to the office by the session.


The FPCC office is staffed by a church administrator, who is Linda Domin. She can be contacted at ldomin @


Sunday School 9:00 AM (Adults and Children)
Public Worship 10:15 AM
Nursery Available (0-5 Years)

You are invited to join us for refreshments and coffee after worship.


If you would like information as to the steps necessary to become a member, please speak to the Pastor or one of the officers of the church. They would be happy to guide you. There are applications for membership on the table in the narthex as well as copies of the brochure "Come Join Us: Uniting with a Congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America."


For further information about Presbyterian distinctives we recommend the booklet entitled Distinctives of Biblical Presbyterianism by John M. Otis. A free copy is available upon request.



Church Office, 15 Pleasant St, Suite 5, Concord, NH 03301, phone 603-225-7377
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